Me in Macau

My write up of the trip to Hong Kong & Macau Feb 2001

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Bill Poole
Scottsdale, AZ, USA

This web-site is intended to introduce myself, Bill Poole, and my family, interests and hobbies to whoever surfs into it. As well as to eventually provide useful data or links to those with similar interests, especially regarding competitive shooting in Arizona. But mostly its for my own fun!
My Competitive Shooting info is at: a web-site that I will maintain as a public service to shooters in and near Arizona.

me on Tonto CreekNEW
I'm really pissed off at I FINALLY found a name on the Suncoast High School list that I recognize and they want $39 to say hi!!!!!
Should I spend $39 to contact someone who in all likelyhood does not even remember me?       not if they google.... 


I got sent to china on business long long ago,
Here's me with the owner in front of his XinJiang restaurant next to Guo An hotel in Beijing.

I got sent to France on business, story got lost somehow...

My 1998 Business trip to Africa I finally got all the pages of the africa trip web site written and populated with photos!

My write up of the trip to Hong Kong & Macau Feb 2001

Added Shoo Fly Pie to my xmas cookies recipe

I am 43. My wife's name is Mimi and we have 2 kids, Billy, 17 (he's the 3rd, I'm Jr.) and Meifawn, 16, but we call her Meimei for short. (pics are old)

I am an electrical engineer at a not so big anymore employer here in Arizona, who's public web-site states that it is a violation of their policy on usage to provide a link to it!

My hobbies and interests include:

If your computer can convert chinese , that text above is my name in Chinese.

Curious as to how I got such a cool URL? ego-surfing one day, I typed in and I got the page of At first I was a little offended that some company could block off darn near every name in the phone book, including mine. But after I read their page, and realized I could get the email address and later they added website subdomains based on the name, and 5MB hosting!, all that for $20 set up and $5 per year! This is called a "shared domain".

 I had to go for it! works too!, as does etc.

A few links if you're interested in AZ:
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I am still in the process of rebuilding this website. Warning Many of the links or images will not function. I had 100 files that I need to move and update or remove the link to. Note, if you find anything linked to "cyberhighway" its changed, shooting, africa and swedish mauser stuff have been moved.