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pic taken dec 98, a LOT has changed since then!

In addition to wife Mimi, son Billy (III), (12 yrs old) and daughter Meimei, (10 yrs old).

My parents Bill (Sr.) and Noreen, live in Prescott, AZ.

I have a brother, Jeff, 35 yrs, a CPA in Green Valley, S. of Tucson,  his young boys are Sean, Jason and Alec.

My youngest brother Mark, 33 yrs, is a pilot based this week in south west Florida. (and he's still single, Ladys!!)

Mimi's family is scattered around Florida, Texas, and Georgia

I have an Aunt Junie and Uncle Bob and Cousin Laura in Media, PA. See the vacation write up.

An Uncle Clark and Aunt Maggie running the family farm just outside of Barnesville, MD, not far from Poolesville, MD, which was named after an ancester of mine. See the vacation write up.

My cousin Mimi (yep that's right, there once were 2 Mimi Pooles!!) and husband Steve live on the farm with their 3 boys. Here's one of them, Maryland baseball championships: Nic Schultze on left (6 innings pitched, 0 earned runs)! See the vacation write up.

Last time I was there, I photographed some of my Grandmother's paintings.

For those curious, there is a geneological organization called the "John Poole Society" that tracks my relatives going back 6 generations to John Poole in Maryland. Family oral history says we're descended from Poole's from Poole, in Dorset, on the south coast of England.

While not related by blood, the family I lived with when I was an exchange student in Sweden for a year (20 years) ago is: Britta and Karl-Erik Hallberg, of Motala, 4 hrs SW of Stockholm.Sons: Tomas and Kjell with their own families: Tomas' wife Anette and son Knut, 2, Kjell's wife Viveca and their son Carl, 6, and daughters Victoria, 4, and Louise, 2.

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