Bill Poole's CD collection
In case you couldn't tell, I like Latin Music!
  No doubt I'll add to this list from time to time!

I joined Columbia House "Club" we'll see if that turns out to be a good deal or not...

Some of the above I really like, some I don't care for.... I like what they call "Pop Latina". I do NOT like Mariachi, Nortena, Tejano, Latin Jazz any of the stuff with Tubas and Accordians etc. Cumbia, Merengue, Son, Rock Latina are OK. I like modern stuff, not the old stuff.

I listen to KVVA, "Radio Viva", 107.1 in Phoenix.
I also have tapes of Carlos Ponce and Ella Baila Sola.

There are others I like, like Daniella Castro (Quiero mas de ti), Los Dinos (A Medio Metro), Andrea Bocelli (Vivo por ella), Kaba, Mana, ....etc....

We saw Chayanne's concert in Phoenix in May. It was LOUD!

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