A UFO ?!?!?!?
Look in the center right of the photo, clearly flying above the center of the dry lake (deep lake, N35 03.2316 W111 25.0438 nr Flagstaff AZ), at about the height of the tree line, is a small flying saucer. The animals on the dry-grassy lake bed to the left are about 30 elk.
This was about 6 PM on 25-Jul-98.

We did not notice, see or hear the UFO while observing the elk, nor did the elk spook.

One might be inclined to argue that this is a fluke, Photo was taken with my brother's 1 year-old SLR 35mm with Seattle Film Works 200 ASA film developed and digitized with "picture on a disk" at SFW. No other photo on that roll (of those I looked at) has a blemish like this. The UFO is visible on the print and the negative. I have not retouched this photo in anyway other than to convert it from SFW format to .jpg using SFW software.

I believe it is a film blemish distorted in digitizing, on the print it looks a lot more like a blemish and less like a flying saucer. But if YOU want to believe it is a UFO, be my guest. I put the web page here just for humor.

I retain the copyright to this photo, taken by me. If you wish to copy it for your personal amusement or that of others who follow UFO news, credit me and include a note that the photographer does not believe it to be a UFO. If you are wish to use this photo in any profit making venture, contact me for royalty payments. Failure to follow the above will subject the offending party(ies) to the civil penalties outlined in my copyright page ©.

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