Computers are Evil 
  The keeping and employment of UNIX is a cruel and barbaric practice that should have been abolished with the Ottoman Empire

Actually, here are some useful UNIX commands.

The Operating System of the Gnu generation?
Gnu, that's a type of antelope. We eat those, don't we, Pop?

I'm pretty sure I don't have any of those!

This computer (at home, not the one at my i.p.) is an AST pentium 150 MHz, CDROM, 1.2G HD, 3.5", 16MB, FaxModem, Windows 95, etc. I have since upgraded it by adding a second HD, 6.4 Gb and another 32 Mb RAM.

The thing crashed miserably on XMAS day 97, and it wasn't fully back to life until 2-May-98!!! Now I have to reload all my applications. Some of which are lost forever! It went in for warranty repair about 5 times! Buy the extended warranty!

I used to have Linux, but that got lost and I will not reload it, never used it!

I named the computer "Rachel". I had considered the name "Minerva", the name of the DEC mainframe at my first job, but its not a "Mini" computer.....

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