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In Arizona, the javelina season is usually in Jan and Feb. With Archery first, then H.A.M. (handgun-archery-muzzleloader) later, then general (rifle) last.

Most hunt units in AZ have Javelina, but nearly all the tags are by drawing in october.

For 1998, Mimi and I got drawn for unit 37b, 20-26 Feb! We'll see how that goes!

We did some scouting. Saw a few tracks near tanks in the NW part of the zone. A lot more tracks down in the Southern part, near Oracle. Have not yet seen a piggy there. We will scout again in a week or two, while quail season is still open!

This is my boot print from friday with a Javelina print in it, I took this photo on Saturday. The 1997 season. Zone 17A & B, North of Prescott.

My friend Brian got his Javelina this year with a 1911 gov't model! He submitted his story to an Arizona Hunting Magazine, I forget which one, they might publish it in the February issue!

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